The traditional and very popular nautical event that has been organized by the Nautical Club Labud (Swan) from Prelog for the last 20 years, was organized this year for the first time by Town of Prelog and Marina Prelog Ltd. as part of the project under the acronym AQUA ADVENTURES, which is co-financed by the European Union from the Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020.

The event was held in the Sports and Recreation Zone Marina in Prelog from Friday to Sunday, 2-4 July. Every evening, visitors were entertained by the Kerekesh Theater with performances of comic plays under the open sky - on Friday they performed Ringišpil (Carousel), on Saturday Imovina (Property), and on Sunday the legendary Dimnjačar (Chimney Sweep).

On Saturday, an all-day tournament was held in pool volleyball. Twenty-four mostly young teams participated, and the team named Cugcvang won. A playful music program and a rich gastronomic offer accompanied the tournament.

Nautical races were held on Sunday morning. Twelve teams took part in the traditional Drava boat race. The beginning of the race was thunderously marked by the cannon of the Zrinska garda (Zrinski Guard) from Čakovec, and after an exciting race, Branko Ivančić and Miroslav Horvat from the Nautical Club Fljojsari from Donja Dubrava were the first to cross the finish line. After the traditional boat rowing race, a kayak race for love couples was held. Eight couples participated, and the fastest were Snježana and Vladimir Šalković. The traditional slingshot tournament was attended by 21 competitors, and the most accurate was Petar Horvat from Cirkovljan. The Music Box Band was in charge of the good musical atmosphere, and there was also a rich offer of food and drinks.

The expected number of visitors was exceeded, and numerous local and regional media reported on the rich program that could be experienced in those three days in the Sports and Recreation Zone Marina in Prelog. Big media campaign which included, among other things, the production and broadcasting of a TV spot on regional television, undoubtedly contributed to a higher number of visitors.


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